June 1, 2023

During rush hour in a New York City subway platform, a pit bull named Betsey was found tied to a railing with a trash bag as her bed. Despite hundreds of commuters noticing the terrified dog, no one felt compelled to help her.

Eventually, a woman named Sarah Bork stepped forward and called animal control. She stayed by Betsey’s side, even if it meant being late for work. Thanks to Sarah’s efforts, animal control was able to take Betsey to a sanctuary.

A vet examination revealed that Betsey was a victim of the cruel practice of using female dogs for breeding and then discarding them like garbage. She had likely been forced to have multiple litters and her most recent litter may have already been up for sale.

Betsey was taken in by the rescue team “Mr. Bones & Co. and Rescue the Paws” and placed in foster care with an experienced mother-daughter duo outside the city. She is slowly adjusting to her new life and learning how to be a pampered dog. Although she gets anxious easily due to her past experiences, she is a sweet girl and will be ready for adoption once fully rehabilitated.