June 1, 2023

After being severely abused, Nancy the Doberman was left with a broken back and was dumped in a junkyard by her abuser. Despite her injuries, Nancy was determined to survive. She crawled through the shattered glass and steel shards in the junkyard, bleeding and with tears in her eyes, until someone finally found her and rushed her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Nancy’s traumatic experience continued as she struggled to come to terms with her paralyzed state. The veterinarians performed a difficult surgical treatment to repair her damaged spine, but her movements remained heavily restricted. Her back legs had no movement at all, so her caretakers decided to send her to a rehabilitation center where she could receive further treatment.

After months of continuous water treatment, massages, and treadmill exercise, Nancy’s front legs slowly healed. However, her back legs were still mostly unresponsive. To prevent her from suffering, the rescue team got her a wheelchair that allowed her to rest and socialize with other dogs in the shelter.

The team plans to continue Nancy’s physical therapy as she has shown promising movement in her back legs and can even move without her wheelchair. Nancy has been a real trooper throughout her therapy, and the team hopes she makes a full recovery and finds a loving forever home.