June 1, 2023

A 13-year-old boy from Delft, one of the poorest communities in Cape City, South Africa, walked two miles on his own to save his sick puppy. He noticed that the dog had stopped eating and was experiencing bloody diarrhea, so he took action to find help.

The boy walked into the city to an animal rescue organization that helps care for local dogs and cats. The organization’s employee said that the puppy, named Nanuk, was very thin, and the boy didn’t have enough money to buy food for her. They promised to do their best to save her life and find her a new loving home.

It turned out that Nanuk was suffering from a lethal disease called parvovirus and needed therapy to survive. To cheer her up, she received regular visits from other foster kittens in the shelter.

Thanks to the boy’s quick thinking and kind heart, Nanuk received the help she needed to survive. The rescue organization is now seeking a forever home for her.